Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stanley Market

Monday morning. Oh what a great feeling. You all have felt it. It's the first Monday of your vacation. When everyone else is going to work and you get to sleep in until 10. Absolute bliss. But not only is it my first day of vacation but it began in Hong Kong. My first adventure was goig to Stanley Market. But first Dawn and I made a few wrong turns on the way the the market. But it was a pretty clear day in the Stanley Market is a shopping area packet full of shops, stores and merchants offering you anything and everything for cheap prices and not so cheap prices.

I shopped around with my friend Dawn for several hours. I don't mind shopping in markets like this when there is something new and fun around every corner. We looked at artwork, clothes, shoes and lots of little knick-knacks. There is so much shistuff here you and it seems to be coming from nowhere.

After our long shopping experience we decided to stop for some food at the Stanley Markey Restaurant. "That was some good food there", my friend Dawn just said as I am typing this update, and she is right. We had won ton soup and some yellow curry with chicken. Served with a nice cold bottle of TsingTao beer, light and refreshingly smooth. Check out the pull tabs. Have not seen those since the late 70's.

Walking out the store we saw this wonderful reminder of SARS. If you are caught spitting it can be up to at $5000HK fine, which is almost $1000USD. So if you chew tobacco when you come to Hong Kong you better make sure you don't spit or it will be an expensive trip for you.

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