Friday, March 14, 2008

Back from Romania

Last weekend was my annual Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament. This year it was in Bucharest, Romania. I coach with another teacher from The American School of Warsaw and he and I were extremely happy with the results. We of course would have liked to win the Championship game but were happy the boys played well and played as a team.

While I was not taking care of 10 high schoolers Matt and I joined some of the locals in fine tradition of beer drinking. We began the weekend at a great German place. Not sure of the name but will find out sometime. I had to have drank 20 beers that night. We closed down the german place then went on our way to a dart bar. We proceeded to bet our asses off on everything from beers to challenging each other to games. I had not played darts in a long time. Needless to say it took a couple round to get the touch back. We were throwing metal tips, which I love. It got to be a real bloody match after taking one in the hand. I forgot about it til the next day. We stayed there to 3am and rolled in to HO JO (Howard Johnson) about 3:30 after stopping on the way home to eat the work food ever.

To se it up. We had been drinking since 7pm and it's now 3. I know Matt will be hurting in the morning, especially since we have to coach. But luckily for me I have been blessed with the ability to drink what I want and as much as I can and not wake up feeling like I had my ass handed to me. We walk into a place call McBurger! Yeah, you read right. This little mom and pop shop took the best marketing approach to selling food. Link your name to the largest, most popular food chain in the world. We walk in and two Romanian ladies are working. Obviously they were both sisters. One about 45 and the other 40ish. They were very attractive ladies at the time of the night. Especially after 8 hours of booze. We watch them pull out the frozen meat that was the shape of a burger but sure as hell didn't taste like one. We mowed that down and chased it with another beer. Then we decide it is a good idea to leave after one of us, I ain't saying who but you know me well enough, asked the ladies to show us their Tatas. The younger one was ready to take us back into the back room but the older sister said NO. Probably a good decision on everyone's part.

We waddled back to the hotel and called it a night. Next thing you know there was a phone call at 7am. Saying where are you? We missed the bus. Oops! Had to take a hour taxi ride in the worst traffic I have ever seen to the American International School of Bucharest to make it in time for our 9am game. Barely made it. What a good trip. Finished 2nd in the tourney. Need to go back without kids.