Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks Ola

I would like to tell you that tonight was one of the best nights in a long time. I have been living in Tokyo, Japan for 4 months and I have not had a Murphy's Irish Stout since I arrived, nor have I had a Murphy's in many months. But, it is hard to find a good Murphy's in the US or Japan. I find Guinness and others but no Murphy's. So last night I decided it was time to have one, the only one I have left.

Last night I went to the closet and pulled through the books and clothes that have been stuffed away and found what I was looking for. I knew that I was in for a good night tonight and wanted to be prepared if I needed something extra to help me out. I continued pushing and pulling shit out and finally, there it was. Looking at me. Cocked to the side against the dark, dry wall in the corner. It was a gift from an old friend. While traveling, she thought of me when she saw this beautiful can. She picked it up and packed it away and planned to give to me when she arrived back in Warsaw. When she gave it to me I was extremely happy and said I would keep it forever. The date was April 2005. Don't forget.
This can sat on my window sill in and out of the sun. Cooking, cooling, warming, freezing and collecting dust for months and years. It started in Ireland and flew in a small bag to Warsaw. It lay dormant for 3 years and then traveled on a boat to Tokyo. I was not suppose to send it in my shipment. But, it was something special. I took it from the shelf and rolled it up in a towel and stuffed it away. Deep in the bottom of a box it set waiting for Japan.

After months of traveling back home I arrived in Tokyo and settled in. The Murphy's was safe and sound. I placed it in the closet and left it. I walked passed it many times thinking Should I drink this or let it sit? Time passed and I realized today that it was was time to move on from my past. I was thirsty and needed something special. I thought about bourbon. Nay, doesn't feel right. Then I remembered that cant that was sittign in the corner... WAITING. It was like a drug that was begging for a user. It sat. WAITING. Until last night......
Until, I placed it in the fridge to cool down. Bringing it to the appropriate 42 degree temperature that is the desired drinking temp for a solid Murphy's Irish Stout. I arrived home after a good day of work, relaxing with some colleagues, drinking beer, eating sausages and a nice train ride home to find 4 Japanese beers in the fridge. And... one lonely Murphy's WAITING.
I drank 3 of the 4 Strong Seven beers from Japan's Kirin Brewery and decided it was time.

Click clack pop. The sound of a good beer being opened. You all know the sound and I don't need to provide a picture or video. I poured it into a nice tall pint and let the head settle. The layers of stout rolled to the top of the glass showing off it's dark muddy foam. Slowly calming down. Then, presenting itself in a glorious manner to....ME.

I took a good long drink and...