Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I thought i would catch up on some of my past travels. In this posting you will see some of the many beautiful sites of Athens. I was in there earlier this year for a conference. After I finished my daily presentations I would head out about 1:00 in the afternoon to explore the city. Around every corner you see amazing pieces of architecture and artwork.

The Parthenon sits high above the city watching the modern city below grow and develop. At the birthplace of democracy you will be amazed by the many wonders. Cobble stoned streets with countless of venders selling everything from DVDs and handmade table cloths from Indian ladies to SpongeBob balloons and designer knockoff bags. Make sure when you are there to cut the price in at least half and barter with them. They pay nothing for the stuff cause a lot of it is stolen or copied.

Now the night life. Oh what a place for fun and crazy times. The bartenders free pour and the music is great. This city can easily keep you out to 6 in the morning. Great food too. When you are coming down from the back side of the Parthenon make sure to stop at one of the many great Gyro stands. Fresh fruit and amazing pieces of art. Take it all in and watch the people. Most people are friendly and will talk about anything. Just be smart. Try something different and enjoy the food. And talk about fresh seafood...ooowee is it good.
My advice is to ask the locals at the cafes where they like to eat. They live there and know the best places to go. Plus ask the owners or bartenders what to order. Trust me.

Ok, enough of that. Enjoy Athens when you are there. Talk soon


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I don't know if you will marry a Japanese girl but I hope you get to sleep with a few.