Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Moscow Layover

Finally made it out of Warsaw. My trip began at 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon then quickly pause for TWELVE HOURS in Moscow. Oh yes, what a wonderful time that was. This was my third visit to the airport but only the first where i was not able to leave. I had to stay for a layover on my way to Hong Kong. Did I tell you it was TWELVE HOURS from 8pm to 8 am. Let me set the scene for you. When you walk out of the tunnel into the entry area you are greeted by two frowning and depressed old ladies. Both look as if they have just stepped out of a oxygen deprived case. With cigarettes in hand and ready to explode they shuttle me off to the duty free zone. Here i meander around for a few minutes trying to find a hot spot or some wi-fi. I was totally not expecting to find anything remotely resembling a hot spot and I was correct. However, I did find a bar that had a plug-in for my laptop. As I hooked up the computer I was ecstatic to discover i had service. So i ordered my beer, for 150 Rubles and began to make some Skype calls.

While sitting and enjoying my time I was interrupted by a young Swedish woman on her way bay from Thailand stuck in the lovely place like myself. (Hello Towa if you are reading.) She yelled to me,"Are you getting wi-fi?" I pulled the headphone plugs out of my ears and said, "What?". She repeated and I told her yes. She came over and she too was very happy to get mentally away from this place. The evening passes with subtle talking and finally time to find a place to sleep. I strolled around the airport looking for a quiet smoke free zone. NOT happening. So i curled up under the bronze colored, smoke filled,asbestos covered ceiling and went to sleep.

Then finally I boarded the flight to Hong Kong and was pleasantly surprised again to have an open seat next to me. Oh it was nice to sleep and wake up in Hong Kong.

Happy Holidays from Hong Kong

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Polski G said...

Great pics Murph! The blog is really coming along. Kinda therapeutic isn't it. Well, keep it up. I love reading from the frozen tundra of Northern Minnesota.