Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tokyo Dream

I have made it to the land of the rising sun. I am here and loving it. It is everything and more than I expected. People are everywhere and extremely friendly. Constantly wanting to please you and make you feel welcome. I have only spemt time with the two people helping me find my apartment and dealing with people when purchasing items. And they all are are amazingly polite.

I will get into the night life as soon as possible. Most likely tonight. So not much to say about that...yet. However, the area I am staying now is called Roppongi and is considered the most expensive part of Tokyo. Many Ex-pats (ex-patriots are people who live and work outside their home country...like me) live and work in this area and the Japanese have marketed this area around us. Feeding off of our desire for fancy things, fine wines, beers, food, women and the knack for spending money.
My school is located in this area and I will be down here for some time. Women I work with seem to think the street with all bars for foreigners is a scary place to be. One said to me, "you won't catch me walking down here alone at night".
I went there and it is just a street with bars. She said people try pulling you into the places and I saw nothing of the sort while there. But I understand it is different for women as I have be told many times.

Now I am sure some of the readers are wondering about the women and men of Japan. Yes, they are shorter than me, mostly and i do stand out. Yes, the Japanese women are very beautiful and i do find them very attractive. Are they prettier than the Polish women? Is that what you were going to ask me next? Well, some are and some can't compare. How is that for being diplomatic? But over the next few days, weeks, months and years I will have updates.

Around the city you will see lot's of things to will remind you of English lifestyle. Photos of superstars, buildings, popular companies and name brands. This city is a major metropolitan area. With a local Tokyo population of 12.3 million and a surrounding population including all suburbs is rolls in at a shattering 35,600,000 people!!!! Can you imagine that? You can go the rest of your life without seeing the same person twice if you want, and this is just including the Tokyo area. NOT the rest of Japan.

My apartment I have selected is in an older part of Tokyo. It located on the river close to a famous fishermen's area. The view off the balcony and out my window is amazing. I can't wait to wake up with a cup of coffee and sit with some new friends at night overlooking the lights and water. What do you think? It is going to be a great place. Now, I need my things to arrive from Poland. My shipment was delayed leaving Gdansk and left 10 days after scheduled time. So instead of arriving today....it will be here on the 21st instead. Yet, will not be delivered to my new flat until the end of August. So that means I need to buy a new bed for the guest room to use. I will get a nice relaxing chair and desk for that guest room. Hoping to make it very bright and colorful for you to relax in when you come to visit.

Well that is enough for now. Here I am living The Tokyo Dream. It has just begun!

The rain is coming so i have to get off the corner. Can you see it?

Check back soon for update...i will be waiting for your replies


Larry Kuhns said...

How exciting Neal. Keep living the dream, and I will keep living it vicariously through you! Glad to see you are adjusting to your new life.

Polski G said...

Murph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That apartment looks off the hizzy. It's about time you started writing some more. I want to see some posts about the sexual deviance of the local populace. You should be able to find some crazy pics, I'm sure. 4 more days until I'm back in WAWA land . . .

SylwiaB said...

good luck in Japan!
waiting for new posts ;))
take care!


Anonymous said...

HEY THERE MURF! We miss you! Alex still expects to see you at ASW-and I will surely miss our chats! (min Sung and Alex did what???? lol) Send some news soon-good luck with the new school! Sending love from Warsaw, EVA

Love your writing and descriptions btw, keep em coming! AND SEND ME A REPLY TO MY MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK!