Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally I return

Sorry everyone for taking so long to write anything. So much has happened in the past month. I am out of Warsaw and in Chicago. That was at the end of June and it was a fabulous and amazing night. I was together again with old friends Yvonna, MJ and Mark from Warsaw and a wonderful new friend, Michelle. We started the night off at Yvonna house then moved down town. On the way there I was reminded of my life as a teen riding in a Camaro.
Oh yeah. Brian Livingston if you are reading all the memories of the brown one you had flashed back. I think it was Brown. Anyway MJ was driving the Camaro to Stone Lotus, a great club in the Chicago downtown area.

We arrive in fine VIP style, since we were guests of the owner. Now this place is hopping. People everywhere. Inside they were jammin and outside they were begging to get in. It is one the best places in Chicago. We and hundreds more were celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the opening. The owners were getting requests for many people to reserve spots. One very famous and well respected actor wanted to rent out the entire lower level but was turned away because his cost to rent it out would not come close to the amount of money they brought in on drink and cover for the 300 or so down there. So Johnny was turned away. Which Johnny you ask? Only the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, they turned away Johnny Depp and possibly a great publicity opportunity but I don't think they need it. Many famous people go there and they were featured in US Magazine....I guess that is a big deal. But whoever didn't come too bad for them. We partied and drank like rock stars. We had drinks provided GRATIS or free for the night. Photos shot by professionals and shots around the house. It was a great night and we had the time of our lives. It was so good to spend the evening in Chicago with great friends from Warsaw. It was like partying Wawa style all over again.

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