Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tokyo Update

I have been in Tokyo now for 10 days. I have spent a lot of time looking for items to fill my small apartment and make it livable before my things arrive from Warsaw around the 25th of August. So, that means at least 10 more days without my bed and my things. However in the meantime I have found ways to keep myself busy.

I went to a area pub called the Hoggobblin to enjoy the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The place was packed and filled with people of all nations. Several times in the evening people would scream out as their countries flag entered the Birds Nest. It was an amazing display and the Chinese put on a wonderful show.

I have learned to my great pleasure that Tokyo is very easy to get around in and is much smaller than I expected. With all the great subway system it is easy to go from one side of the city to the other in a very reasonable amount of time. The first few times I was on the trains there were not that many people and I did not see what the big deal was about. However, after a few more trips and a couple more days out in the city I soon saw why it is important to be rude and pushy when trying to exit. The cars are packed for a people. Not so much that I have seen the people with the white gloves push others in but I have seen doors close on people and need to be pulled out before leaving. It is definitely something that you don't want happening to you. Because if you get pulled out everyone yells at you for delaying the train and you lose face. Which in Japan losing face is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Walking the streets you see lot's of people and lots of skyscraping buildings. Everywhere you look there are people and rarely are you alone on the streets of Tokyo. The city is amazingly clean and very orderly. Very rarely do you see drivers behaving like idiots. Unlike other countries I have lived in. I don't have to worry about crossing the street because when it is the pedestrians turn to cross the cars don't try to rush through the lights to get ahead.
On the streets you see some amazing fashion styles and some quite boring styles as well. Most businessmen only wear white shirts with black pants.
Last Sunday I did have a chance to be a tourist for most of the day. I visited Asakusa-Jinja, one of Tokyo's most important matsuri which is known as a portable shrine. This place was packed for of people. There were several shops selling item, food and drinks. Besides the obvious attempt to exploit the shrine and make money people were there to pray and to purify their spirits. It Japan there are many places to clean you aura. So, I decided it was a good idea to do it as well.
While at the shrine I decide to get a Fortune for myself. I took this brass can and shook it as hard as I could until a stick came out of it. It was No.16 which was written in Japanese. So I had to look up the symbols to find the right box but, luckily an old japanese pointed out where my special Fortune Box was located. I opened the box an pulled out a paper. Initially I saw the words written in English, No. 16 GOOD FORTUNE. This is what I wanted. Because it is possible to get a BAD FORTUNE. If so you must fold it up and hang in on a wire, tree, branch or anyplace to get rid of the BAD FORTUNE. Here is a young woman hanging here BAD FORTUNE. Now since I did get a GOOD FORTUNE I think it is good to share it with you. My Fortune read as follows:
"Repent what you've done so far, and you should hope again. Then you will find happiness in future with a help of you seniors, everything will go well you'll be satisfied with better position and wealth.
*Your wishes will be realized.*A Sick person will recover.*The lost article will be found.*The person you are waiting for will come.*Building a new house and removal are good. *Making a trip is good.* Marriage and employment are both good."

So I got all that going for me!

Talk soon

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Polski G said...

Not a bad fortune Murph . . . sweet pics so far. Send more pics of the "local scenery" please. As far as your prediction of less injuries, less fouls, you were way off. My arms are full of bruises this morning from the three-headed monster of Eleryk, Randall, and Matter.