Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Zealand part two

I left you off with Christmas morning after the Kiwi trip. We went on down the road cruising and relaxing to the sounds of the wind blowing through the windows and the tires beating the highway. While driving or riding along these roads I cant help to think how much better it would be with a pack on my back and walking. Sure I would not have covered the ground we did in the vans but I think I would have felt the true feeling of the New Zealand life. Free and easy down the road is all I wanted and I got it. But, I just couldn't help thinking it could be more.

Many times I had the opportunity to go off and enjoy my time alone. I needed it. Times were tough during those three weeks. I mentioned in the first NZ post about the wish I made on the falling star. Did it come true or not. Keep reading. There was a chance that I could have been let go at work because of low numbers for next year. I was the last one in and would be the first one out if the numbers drop. This news came one day before the trip. What was I suppose to think about on my trip? Relax? Yeah, right!! But that is exactly what I did. Judy, my director, said just try to let it go and we will deal with it when you come back. She was right and that is exactly what I did. I enjoyed my time with my friends on the road and in the mountains.

I hadn't really stopped thinking about it. I just stopped talking about it and believed everything would be fine. Now, this is not what this blog is about so I will sum this up. I get back from NZ to chaos and more headache. Jobs are being offered to me and no news of what is happening in Tokyo is all I know. However, after a long three and half weeks of craziness and worrying about my future I have an answer. My wish had come true on that star. They will not be any teachers released. Made me happier than I was when I first got the job. Tokyo is back on my mind and I wasn't thinking about the new moves to new countries. I say thank you to the schools who made great offers. They were great schools and I hope one day to work with the directors, principals and possibly be at those schools. Still I must say Tokyo is my life now and I am happy with that decision.
Continuing our trip down the road from our camp we make our way to Fox Glacier. It was Christmas Day and we were happy to be near snow. Unfortunately, because it was xmas day we could not take the tour that allowed us to walk on the glacier. So, we did the next best thing. We walked up to it and watched it move and break into chunks as it slowly made its through the mountains cutting and gouging out a U-shaped valley along its path into greatness. I drank the fresh water from the glacier. Kneeling down to find a small pool that was free from floating sediment was easy. I filled bottles and drank as much as I could. I found myself being lost in the wilderness even though I was surrounded by people on all sides. I guess I just mentally blocked them out and enjoyed the quiet and clear space. Cole, Kat and Ken soon joined in a refreshing drink and realized I wasn't so crazy drinking from the pools. Cole liked it so much he ran to the van to get a bottle of water then ran the twenty minute walk back. He was back in 5 or 7 minutes. He was determined to fill that bottle and drink it while driving down the road. Rhonda waited so see more pieces of the glacier break off. Disappointed that she was not able to touch the glacier. So, being the good friend I am I waited for those pieces to float down the stream and I pick them up and place them is my Gortex jacket and bring them to her. She laughs and touches them. Coat full of glacier ice ready to cool down the beer and we are back on our way.
Driving down the road we stopped off at wonderful beach with protected dunes and wildlife. Boardwalks were set up for us to keep from damaging the dunes and the marshes ahead. We saw ferns, ferns and more ferms. Ken and I were facinated by the designs and the patterns of the growth. I stopped and admired the different stages of growth. It so amazing to see life in growing in front of me. I had seen ferns before but not like this. Everywhere I looked something new grabbed my attention. Black ones, furry ones, smooth, rough, short, tall and more. I walked with my hands out touching and feeling the forest at my fingertips. Every touch of the gentle leaves brought me deeper and deeper into what I needed. I closed my eyes knowing I was happy and where I needed to be. That place was peaceful, quiet and healed me as I walked with every step.

I woke up from my walk and saw fantails dancing and singing. They were all around me pushing me along the path. It was pure beauty. I soon realize the fantails are trying to push me along the path away from their nest to keep their chicks safe. I obliged and moved on my way and waved goodbye to the little creatures and kept smiling. Life was good and I was at peace with myself in that amazing place.

Merry Christmas 12/25/09

More to come...

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