Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing the Tokyo Cheap Food Critics

Just wanted to let all you faithful readers and new readers out there I have started another blog. Click here for my new blog Tokyo Cheap Food Critics. It is my good buddy AJ and I who are doing the critiques of local Tokyo establishments. With our combined 88 years of eating experience and AJ's expert knowledge of the city, and the fact that he is Japanese, we will guarantee you that we will provide you with the YUMMIEST food for your ¥EN. Now, go check it out if you havn't already done so and jump on the favorites list. Be back soon with more stories of traveling and life from the Wayfaring Writer.


Mrs. E said...

Are those hot peppers?? I love the title--cheap food critics. The US needs a few more of those!

Murphy said...

Yes they are. These are szechuan peppers. A small chinese pepper used in most traditional dishes. Many of the places we visit are owned and managed by the Chinese. Glad you like it. I just got back from a great meal tonight and will write up tomorrow. Now off to bed.

TortillaSolli said...

You make me proud son.