Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ten Years of Warsaw Tortilla Factory

April 1st is not only known for practical jokes and playing tricks on people. In Warsaw it is the anniversary of Warsaw Tortilla Factory. WTF is recognized throughout the Ex-Pat community as being the best place to meet other Ex-Pats living in Warsaw. I went to Tortilla 5years ago for the first time. I have met so many people there and many have become my closest friends. On April Fools day 1998 TF opened their doors and started serving tacos and burritos to the Poles. Monday my close friends Andrew, Solli and Bill celebrated 10 years.(Bill missing in photo) They are three amazing guys who have changed the way service and food is served in Warsaw. As well as changed how I lived in Warsaw. I have grown to consider these guys to be family. They are three fellas who really know how to have a good time and I am so happy I have been blessed by meeting them. These guys have introduced me to some exceptional people that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Monday they kicked off the celebration with 100 free beers and two great performers. The first musician was Lindsay Martell.
He has been traveling around the world for several years and recently landed in Warsaw and become a fixture at Tortilla. After he warmed up the crowd with some covers and originals the main attraction was ready to perform.

Lola Lou is a very well known drag queen. Lola has performed at every birthday and the opening of WTF 10 years ago. Drag queens are not really socially accepted in Poland but music is music no matter who is performing. This was my first drag show and it was great. The music was good and he could really move and play the crowd. Now I know many of my friends back home probably wouldn't be caught dead at a drag queen performance because they would think that would make them gay. They would be wrong, missing a great show and missing out on a lot of single women. Women love the performances and the place was filled with many lovely single straight ladies. He finished up a 2 hours set and started the night off fun and everybody was in the mood to party.

I hoped to see a bunch of old friends but it was a young crowd and only a few of the faithful old regulars were there. Of course there were new regulars and it was a great party, don't get me wrong. Seeing those old friends and partying with shots, drinks and song in the wee morning was what I needed and what I am going to miss. We finally closed the night up about 3am and sailed home in a taxi. I knew it was going to be a long, rough day but luckily the kids were good for me the next day.

Boys, thanks so much for making my past 5 years of my life in Warsaw some of the best ever and congratulations on 10 years of great Mexican food in Warsaw.

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