Friday, April 11, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Alright alright!!!! I am still riding my high of Kansas winning the NCAA National Championship. It was such an amazing game. I was home alone watching the game live at 3:20 am. It was one of the best games I had seen in a long time. At least 9 lead changes and two great teams beating each other up and down the court.

So many things to talk about in the game. But what I have to think is the play of the game is not the Chalmers 3, which is was an amazing shot that was fully contested so not to take anything away from Chalmers because, I will never forget that shot but the great play and hustle by Collins throughout the game and especially the last 2mins. The quick steal off the inbound play the was flipped back to Chalmers reset the Jayhawks and then kicked back out to Colllins for the 3 to knock the score down from 7 to 4 was the key turn around. Then Collins speeds down the court with 10 seconds left. He blows by the defender makes the pass then gets shoved to the floor. No foul!!!! Chalmers sweeps around, jumps, pulls up and BANG THREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

After Dorsey had just fouled out and they were done. Their heads were in their hands and you could see on their faces they were finished. Free throws were not made and clutch players for Memphis failed to do their jobs. KU stepped up and took the game from being down 9 and drove it straight down the throats of the tigers and finished the game and season in true Rock Chalk fashion. Oh I wish I was on Mass. St. when the Hawks pulled off one of the greatest comebacks ever. April 7th, 2008 will be remembered by many Jayhawkers as one of the best performances by a Kansas team.

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