Friday, October 9, 2009

Typhoon Day?

You may ask what a typhoon day is and I am here to tell you. Now, I've had snow days, ice days, birthdays (that's today), played hookie and days off to honor the death of the Pope. But, I had never had day off work for a typhoon. Thursday morning I woke to an Email saying "school is closed due to Typhoon 18 or Melor, the English name. That means no kids but I still have to try and make it in if it is safe. You see Tokyo has not been directly hit by a typhoon since 2007. That year there was enough rain to flood several metro tubes and shut down several train lines. This typhoon missed Tokyo by a 100 miles of so. So, it was not a direct hit but is was some nasty weather when I was on my way to work. I saw limbs down and people walking sideways to keep from falling over. > Umbrellas were mangled and destroyed on curbs or flying down the road. I had not experienced something like this since a stiff wind blew threw the flat plains of Kansas. Lots of schools, trains and all of Tokyo's factories were closed to prevent injuries and keep people safe.
I went to work and I was one do 4 people who showed up. It was quiet, peaceful and ended up being a beautiful day after the storm. It went from being a cold, dark and grey Polish day to a wonder, warm and blue Japanese morning. How the weather can change in a moment. I was happy to be alone in my room with the sounds of Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and friends. I worked on my room and this blog too. Anyway, just some thoughts for the day and now I am off to celebrate my 34th B-day in Manila. Thank you Mom for giving birth to me 34 years at 11:58am. I love you, Mom.

Talk to you all soon.

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Mrs. E said...

Hope you had wonderful birthday! Typhoon day? You really are experiencing it all!