Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancing Elvises

Yes it's true. Elvis and his multiples are alive and well in Tokyo. This is a short but I believe a quality entry. I was out biking in Yoyogi Park and there they were. Dancing away to 1950's Rock'n Roll with a Japanese twist. It was pretty amazing. These guys perform for themselves, and the King of course. With cameras flashing and videos recording they don't ask for money or applause, but they get it. They have a pile of empty beer cans and take a break when needed. So, if you go to see them make sure to bring them a beer or two for a tip and watch what happens.
!Notice the boots in the clips below!. They look as if they've been dragged behind and 1952 Buick after a cheap wedding in Vegas. Then taped back together with beautiful black electrical tape. Nothing beats a shine like a fresh coat of tape. And if the boots don't get you wanting to join this elite club. You get a matching red comb to keep that ultra smooth look to go along with the painted on black pants. So enough typing and trying to be witty. I will let you enjoy.

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Mrs. E said...

Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing!!