Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bali Livin' 2

Sorry so long to get back to finishing the story. So here goes.....Days came and went and now time to leave. I get all packed up and through my shtuff together and head out the door to back my B.A.B. (Big-Ass Bag) on a my S.A.S. (Small-Ass Scooter). However, upon my check out Dwee says to me "Where you going Mr. Neal?" "What do you mean", I ask them. Then she tells me they now have room for the rest of my friends so we stay at the Ayu for a couple more hour before they had no room now they had two rooms. Funny how that works when they see you leaving. So I cancel the other place and stay for the rest of the time.
"Kill Trees for Baby Jesus" Eve, has arrived and My good friends the Schwartz family are to arrive around midnight. So i get some things together to make the evening right and fine. Beers! The Bintang was good to us. I arrived at the airport with a driver from the hotel and I had him hold a special sign. This is a picture of Noyman waiting for Ken and Rhonda. It was not a planned sign but thrown together with a black ink pen and a empty cigarette carton box. But still fun to watch them laugh coming out the doors.

It's hard to try to retell the who story of the break obviously but I will try to piece it together the best I can. We decided to go visit a place called Turtle Island, which turned out to NOT be an island but just around the corner from where the boat was put in. Anyway, it was a small turtle reserve with a couple a large turtles use to help repopulate the sea turtle species. These turtles were anywhere from a couple days old to 76 years. It was quite amazing to be around these wonderful creatures.

After the trip back from the turtles we decided to head up to Lovina. It's a nice little village about 4 hours north of where we were staying. Up that way is a good wildlife park and some great snorkeling. Once again we arrived at another great stop along the way. We came across the Pura (shrine) for fertility. NO i am not planning on anything so don't ask. We say some nice things while in the village. Food, clothes, spices people and just good relaxing feeling. Completely different from the south. Here in the north people move at Bali speed. Which is about like crawling. No worries, no cares just taking it easy. It was the perfect way to spend the day. Shopping for some bowls made of cinnamon and coconut that smelled so good. I wish I could reach through the screen and pull you through to take a whiff. I really didn't need anything on the entire trip but always can use some nice knick-knacks for the table. And of course half the fun of the traveling or may all the fun is watching for local traditions and things done different from those around the world. As my buddy Cole Schwartz said about this woman, "it's not corn on the cob but corn on the head". That boy is funny i tell you. I hope to be around him when he is older.

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