Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tokyo Tower and Halloween

Been a busy week or two in Tokyo. Been working hard with the kids...try not to laugh. I finally had a chance get to Tokyo Tower. What a great piece of architecture. Honestly, when approaching it at night you see this amazing glow of orange from kilometers away. The yellow lights at night blends so well with the red paint and turns the mammoth metal beast in to a glowing dream. I have mentioned in previous post how efficient the Japanese are and how well lines work here. After living in Poland for 5 years, I thought the concept of lines did not exist. The Japanese can really make a 20 minute wait pleasurable. With posters, lights and music it's hard to realize you are waiting with 1,000 other people in a line. Food, drinks and more snacks along the way. It really is a great little experience. The long line to ticket box split into 3 lines after getting tickets and it was very apparent that the three lines to the 3 elevators were spaced out exactly the same distance so the moving time was the same no matter which line you chose. Ushers moved you along the way to the elevator and as you enter the waiting box is the same size as the elevator and you enter with plenty of space to move and look out the windows as you rise up to the top of Tokyo.

We were not able to go to the top observation box but we did get to the mid-level box and enjoyed Tokyo by street and traffic lights. Absolutely beautiful! Seeing the small city, yes small city from above was a treat. It was hard to believe that looking in all directions there were 36 million people living and walking out there. I leaned against the glass and could see the ground. I was actually hoping an earthquake would happen while up there just to feel how stable the structure really was, but now luck. We were safe. (My weewee was safe too, Mark. Thanks for the help.)
On the way down we realize how beautiful this night was and decided to check out the neighborhood and ran across this reflection of Tokyo Tower in a Nissan. This car looks just like my Toyota I had in Poland and it brought back some great memories of Warsaw and driving. We headed back and I was off to get ready for my Halloween Party.

Now this night was going to finish in one of the best ways possible with me winning best costume. For those of you who really know me you can attest that I love this night. I tend to go a little overboard and do as much as possible with the least amount of money. I scrounge and dig around the house to find what I can make. I walk through the 100 yen shops (dollars store) and search for hidden treasures. I find a rooster beak! OH the costume has been discovered. Next, I find feathers, a white knitted skull cap, some red tights, red shoes, white shorts, blank white tee, iron-on letters and red glasses. So about 4,000 yen down the drain I have it. I piece and poke the feathers into the skull cap. I take the iron and put it on low and lay out some letters. Place them down on the white tee then... it turns into one of the best costumes I have made in recent years. It ranks up there with The Sperm and The Banana Man. You remember the Banana Man Salena? Oh yeah the Cock Fighter was born. I added some things from home like a World Championship belt and a silver cape. I tossed on some biking gloves and I was set to knock'em out. The COCK FIGHTER has arrived.


Polski G said...

That costume really is f@#kin hilarious! I really can't wait to visit. Sitting here with Luiza at her work sipping a cup of kawa. She's hungover from our wine party last night. It is snowing . . . very beautiful! We need to Skype it up sometime soon. Keep writing! But proofread before publishing ; ) "We we safe." Does that mean your weewee was safe?

judy murphy said...

hey this is your mum
i must say that costume was the most original i have seen.
So what was your prize?
I am glad i did not know ahead of
time you were going up that big mountain...that sounds dangerous
But I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. and love your writing..Love Hugs and kisses .
we miss you and jim

Mac said...

Ok, I have been holding off, but the Cock Fighter tipped the scale. You the Cock, Murph! Loved it! What was your best weapon?

Joshua Tyson said...

I have witnessed the Banana Man and this had me laughing while sitting here in the hospital. Thank you for reminding me of what we've been missing here in KS.

I'm forwarding this to Brandon right now.

Josh Tyson

Murf said...

Yes, the Banana Man was good. I wish i had some pictures of that night. You have some? That was one of my favorite costumes. I worked hard on that one. Did you ever see the Sperm Man?