Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally Back

Long time since I have had time to write. So much has happened since then. I had a good friend visiting from Chicago. If you of you have read write ups from the past you will remember Yvonna my close friend I met in Chicago. She and her mother arrived here at the beginning of September and stayed for two weeks. We spent a lot of time together visiting places and trying new foods. Having some fun everywhere we went. Most of the time they were on their own while I was at work with the kids. I would come back to a home full of people. Now my flat is not big but it was so nice to have someone to come home to. It's been a long time since that happened. That's another write up. Anyway we visited the beaches in Kamukura. It was a place I mentioned in a Tokyo Dream...I think. We met up with a friend from work named Anastacia. She and I became friend and spend time together when we have a chance.

Anastacia showed us around her home town area and some great places to get free food while walking around. There were pickle stands, yes, pickle stands to try different types of pickled veggies. Then there were nut stands too. Different flavored nuts. Ha Ha Mark I know, keep it clean you dirty mind. We checked out the surfers and wind-surfers. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

I then took them to Akihabara, Electric town. Oh yeah one of my favorite places. I have been there so many times I can go there in my sleep. I love the Japanese way of buying stuff. Instead of giving you the discount they give you points on top of the discount. Then when you want to go back to buy more stuff you can use points for instead of cash. Brilliant! I bought a TV, 42 inch that is, and DVD player and stand and in return I got about 50,000 yen worth in points. That got me a new Karwin-Kardin Ipod player that rocks. It got me a new Ipod for my classroom and more. And I still have about 25,000 points left. About 250 usd. So it's a good thing. I get top of the line stuff at cheap price and stuff for free. I love it.

Now on one of the last days of Yvonna and her mother's visit, we met up with AJ and Ai. These are some friends i met here. Aj took us to a great sashimi place. I love sashimi. It is pieces of raw fish. No rice just fish uncooked. Love it. We had some great stuff. Things i never thought i would eat. Not because of taste or thought of the taste but of the political incorrectness behind it. It wasn't planned on my part and I do feel bad about it but it happens. Anyway, after eating out we went back to the house for a bit to clean. We then decided to head out and we were stopped by the locals for a Bom Adori. Which is a dancing festival. They pulled me out on the dance floor and I had a good time. Yvonna later came out we circled around the group as the only Gaijin (foreigner. Here I am after with the elders and the mayor who looks like he is throwing up some gang signs. They men wanted a picture with Yvonna cause she was so beautiful.

Ok. I need to go. I will catch you up on more in a bit. I got some blogs about Tsukiji Market and Mt. Fuji to write about later.

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